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Who We Are

Ma Noodles is the maker of homemade Duck Egg Wanton Mee.

Our recipe is one that is inherited from 2 generations ago - a Grandfather Ma recipe crafted during his noodle-making days in Guangzhou, China. When given the opportunity to move to Malaya, he settled in Kuala Lumpur and decide to hone his skills and opened a noodle stall here. Throughout the years, Grandfather Ma never compromised on quality, ensuring that only the freshest and quality ingredients were used to make his Duck Egg Wanton Mee. This became a principle that is ingrained through each generation.

Today, Ma Noodles has expanded to become one of Kuala Lumpur’s leading suppliers for homemade wanton mee – an integral component that would be the make or break of an excellent noodle dish. Dedicated to improving the texture and taste over time, Ma Noodles is known to uphold the highest standards when it comes to producing our Duck Egg Wanton Mee. 

Who We Serve

Now at the helm of the third generation, Ma Noodles looks to expand to serve two primary groups.

First, we look to be the leading manufacturer of Duck Egg Wanton Mee, supplying to local restaurants and mom-and-pop shops in Malaysia. We understand that the consistency of the noodle texture and flavour determines the outcome of our partners’ noodle dishes. As such, Ma Noodles go through a very stringent noodle-making process to ensure that our Duck Egg Wanton Mee are of restaurant quality.

As we evolve our business and continue to be consumer-focused, we also serve families and home cooks, providing them access to restaurant quality ingredients for their at- home meals. With a firmer texture and a more flavourful taste, our duck egg wanton mee are made without preservatives, giving you and your family the healthier option when it comes to ingredients for a wholesome gourmet meal at home.

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